About WealdCAD

WealdCAD is the new name for Kent Design Assistance as of 2009, providing drawing services throughout the Weald area. Since 2001, Kent Design Assistance provided Land Developers and House owners with planning application drawings for extensions and New Build construction projects. Complete packages include:

  • Ordnance Survey Extracts for design and planning requirements.
  • Proposed and existing site plan drawings.
  • Proposed and existing floor plans & elevation drawings.
  • Typical sections where applicable.
  • Planning Application Drawings

Additionally, the following services can be provided upon request:

  • Creation of Design and Access Statement.
  • Completion and submission of planning application forms.

WealdCAD offers competitive prices compared to Architects for this initial phase of pre-construction work and there is no requirement to have planning applications submitted by an Architect.

For quotes, please use the contact form or ring 0845 900 2124.

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