Ordnance Survey (OS) Extracts

OS-sample-350wOrdnance Survey (OS) data can be provided in AutoCAD, PDF, JPG and many other popular formats. A typical 1:1250 extract is between £20-40 plus a £10 admin fee that covers the location, download and email cost. Variation in price is due to area and ‘information density’, a heavily built up estate will cost significantly more than a detached house in a rural setting.

As standard, extracts will be purchased in ‘digital form’, that means an effective 1:1 scale map is purchased, from this, a 1:1250 plan is produced. The benefit of using this method is that one extract can be re-printed and scaled many times. If you wanted a 1:200 scale drawing of your site, there would only be an admin fee and you would not need to re-purchase the Ordnance Survey extract.

Without purchasing map data, details can be provided such as site area, current and past planning applications and more, for a small admin fee.

When submitting a planning application you are required to include a ‘Location Plan’ (at a scale of 1:1250/1:2500) and a ‘Site Plan’ (at a scale of 1:200/1:500). These drawings need the site clearly shown in Red, any other land owned should be shown in Blue. Whether the planning application is for a summer house or a new devlopment covering many hectares, WealdCAD can provided fully annotated Location and Site Plans.

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WealdCAD is changing it’s name to CPA Planning Design.


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