Residential & Commerical Design

During building design, communication between client and designer are essential – WealdCAD provides this and works with any amount of design contribution from the client. By liasing with professional planners and the local authority being dealt with, minimal time is consumed and that in turn reduces over all cost. With over 12 years of experience with both small and large scale projects, time and money can be saved while maintaining quality of service.  Anything from a small residential porch to an aircraft hangar can be drawn, to your specific requirements.

Residential Design

If you’re going to live in a building for any length of time and possible your whole life, the design of a house is crucial for your comfort and wellbeing. The worst possible situation is when a building is designed and built, then after a few months you wish a cupboard had been place in a certain location, or the bedroom was a little larger. Even worse could be a lack of future considerations, such as wider stairs, extra garage space or more storage space – both are beyond the design consideration of typical developers whose sole occupation is to increase profit. A wider staircase may only cost £1000 more, but costs are constantly and consistently kept to a minimum. It is for this reason that WealdCAD takes residential design very seriously to produce bespoke designs that fully accommodate the clients personal preferences.

Commercial Design

Whether your business is looking at designing new premises or adapting existing ones, WealdCAD ensures efficient use of space and offers sympathetic design for employees.

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WealdCAD is changing it’s name to CPA Planning Design.


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